• three-phase stepper motor driver
  • 3,6 lines can drive three-phase stepper motor
    Input voltage range: 18 ~ 50VDC
    Current Max: 8.0A, Resolution: 0.1A
    Subdivision range: 200 ~ 51200ppr
    Signal Input: Differential / Single-Ended, pulse / direction or double pulse, 5 ~ 24VDC level compatible
    Impulse response frequency: 500KHz

  • High subdivision stepper motor drive
  • There are 8 files angles constant torque subdivision, the maximum resolution for the effective resolution of 10,000 steps a stepper motor;
    sinusoidal mode makes the stepper motor run more smoothly;
    single / double pulse input compatible
    highest response frequency 200KPPS
    pulse stops than 1s when the coil current is halved, reducing the number of occasions in the motor overheating
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